Sunday, February 9, 2014

When Golda Meir was in Africa

When Golda Meir was in Africa

When Golda Meir
Was in Africa
She shook out her hair
And combed it
Everywhere she went.

According to her autobiography
Africans loved this.

In Russia, Minneapolis, London, Washington, D.C.,
Germany, Palestine, Tel Aviv and
She never combed at all.
There was no point. In those
Places people said, "She looks like
Any other aging grandmother. She looks
Like a troll. Let's sell her cookery
And guns."

"Kreplach your cookery," said Golda.
Only in Africa could she finally
Settle down and comb her hair.
The children crept up and stroked it,
And she felt beautiful.

Such wonderful people, Africans
Childish, arrogant, self-indulgent, pompous,
Cowardly and treacherous-a great disappointment
To Israel, of course, and really rather
Ridiculous in international affairs
But, withal, opined Golda, a people of charm
And good taste

Written by Alice Walker

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  1. The name of this poem is When Golda Meir was in Africa. This poem can be described as a journey through an African women's life. It shows how she stands out among everybody else. In this poem it shows how the black women is stereo typed because her hair doesn't look tamable. The author uses an simile to show how they other countries look at the African woman. They call her a troll and try to sell her crook, which I guess is like evil doings, and guns. She refuses this and return back to Africa where she is loved for being her. I'm not really clear as to what the them would be to this poem